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York University Keele Campus

York MSA’s constitution: “Spread[ing] the teachings of Islam on campus”

On January 22, 2019 the Muslim Students’ Association at York University posted on its official Facebook page: “Asalamualaykum! We have updated our constitution. Feel free to check it out on our website.”


Here are excerpts from the new constitution:

The Constitution of the Muslim Students’ Association at York University

1. Definitions

1.5 The ‘Qur’an’ shall be deemed to refer to the Holy Book of Islam, considered to be the Word of Allah (Arabic term for ‘The God’).

1.06 The ‘Sunnah’ shall be deemed to refer to what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said/did or actions witnessed and not objected to by him, as agreed upon by the majority of Muslim Sunni scholars.

1.07 The ‘Shari’ah’ shall be deemed to refer to the religious code of laws and rules governing the life of all Muslims according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

1.08 ‘Salaf’ shall be deemed to refer to righteous and pious predecessors or the first three generations of Muslims.

1.09 ‘Da’wah’ shall be deemed to refer to the practice of educating the public about Islam.

2. Objectives

2.01 The MSA is a mainstream Sunni Islamic Association that follows and adheres to the Qur’an and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf.

2.02 The MSA will organize events in accordance with the Shari’ah. Any innovations in religious matters or “modernisation” will not be acceptable, as Islam is a way of life for all times and places and hence is not subject to being outdated or needing reform.

2.03 This constitution is enacted for the purpose of establishing a representative body of elected members. The MSA’s objectives, subject to Article 3, are to: (a) Ensure that prayer facilities are available for use by Muslim students attending York University.(b) Encourage and facilitate the practice of Islam on Campus. (c) Promote awareness of Islam amongst the Campus community. (d) Act as a representative and counsel to the Muslims on Campus…

8. Duties and Structure of the Executive

8.01 The Executive shall consist of ten (10) elected York University Muslim Students: The President (brother or sister) The Brothers’ Vice-President (brother) The Sisters’ Vice-President (sister) The Treasurer (brother or sister) The Secretary (brother or sister) Four (4) Public Relations Commissioners (two (2) brothers and two (2) sisters) The Religious Affairs Executive (brother)

8.03 The Executive shall strive to adhere to the Shari’ah

14. The Religious Affairs Executive 14.01 The Da’wah Commissioner shall: (a) Be responsible for ensuring there are Khateeb(s) for each Jumu’ah prayer on campus every week (b) Be responsible for organizing regular Da’wah activities to spread the teachings of Islam on campus. (c) Be responsible for organizing the Islam Awareness Weeks with the assistance of the two (2) Da’wah Directors. (d) Be responsible for organizing Da’wah training sessions during the academic year with the assistance of the two (2) Da’wah Directors. (e) Encourage Muslims to volunteer in giving Da’wah. (f) Follow up with all those who are interested in Islam with the assistance of the two (2) Da’wah Directors. (g) Ensure all reverts are assisted with their learning and implementation of Islam by a Muslim who is recognized by the Muslim community as a good Muslim with good conduct and character and has adequate knowledge to assist in this capacity. (h) Be responsible for the maintenance and set up the prayer facilities on campus with the assistance of the two (2) Prayer Services Directors. (i) Supervise the two (2) Da’wah directors and two (2) Prayer Services Directors.

15. Duties and Structure of the Directors:…

15.03 Directors shall strive to adhere to the Shari’ah

18. Removal from Office 18.01 An Executive or Director member shall be reprimanded by the Executive, and upon repetition, be subject to dismissal for: (a) Violating any Islamic Principle or Law that deems them unworthy to serve as a leader of the Muslims

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