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Video: Vancouver LGBTQ community supports “Allah is gay” participant

On August 5, 2018 Armin Navabi, an Iranian born Canadian and a self proclaimed atheist, marched at Vancouver Pride Day holding a sign that read “Allah is gay”. The same line was written also on the T shirt that he was wearing.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Navabi is seen warmly welcomed by many members of Vancouver LGBT community that took part in the Pride Day. One gave him a thumb up, others hugged and cheered him in support. Only two negative reactions were recorded. Here are some of the comments made by participants of Vancouver Pride Day:

  • Allah is gay, you have a point
  • Allah is gay
  • That’s amazing. I love it!
  • I love you brother
  • Allah is gay, baby
  • I love you for doing this
  • Mashallah [Allah has willed it]
  • I think he is the bravest person here
  • It’s a bald statement
  • That’s amazing
  • Hi, I just wanted to say I love what you just wrote down. It’s so wonderful to see that, and I’m also from a Muslim family.

When asked “Why is Allah gay?”, Navabi replied: “It’s a fictional character, you can make it whatever you want.”

Navabi explained what motivated him to march holding the sign “Allah is gay”:

A lot of people ask why are we doing this. The most simple response is that we are trying to break a taboo. There is nothing wrong with being gay, so why that should be offensive?… This seems like a very simple thing to do here and it is. There is not much consequences for us saying something like this Allah is gay here. But this is punishable by death in many countries. We just want to show to them, if they are watching that there are places where you can get away with saying stuff like this and nothing can happen to you, and give them hope, give them hope that if we can get away with that of death penalty or imprisonment in a country like this… and not only I’m free to say it, it shows you how much positive support we get from people, there is hope for your country. Love has to win. Not just here but everywhere.

To watch the video click HERE.

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Screenshots from Armin Navabi’s video

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