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Justin Trudeau visits Centre culturel islamique de Québec. PMO photo by Adam Scotti

Trudeau calls Brunei’s “Shariah” Islamic Law “cruel and inhumane”

On April 5, 2019 Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, tweeted the following statement :

“Canadians are appalled by Brunei’s new penal code that will target women, the LGBTQ2 community & other minority groups, and we condemn their decision. Canada will always defend human rights around the world, and we’re urging Brunei to repeal this cruel & inhumane law.”

Trudeau’s tweet included reference to a tweet by Global Affairs Canada, Canada’s ministry of Foreign Affairs, that reads:

‏“Canada appalled by #Brunei’s imposition of severe punishments under its Sharia [Islamic Law] penal code. http://ow.ly/UCvj30okWTR”

Foreign Policy Canada’s tweet included a link to the following statement:

Canada appalled by Brunei’s imposition of severe punishments under its Sharia penal code

From: Global Affairs Canada


April 5, 2019 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada today issued the following statement:

Canada is appalled by Brunei’s imposition of severe punishments under its new Sharia penal code, which include corporal punishment and the death penalty. These inhumane provisions will affect women and members of the LGBTQ2 community in particular.

“Human rights are universal. Canada condemns violence and discrimination against any persons based on gender, gender identity or sexual orientation wherever they occur.

“We have raised our concerns directly with Brunei and we urge Brunei to suspend the implementation of its new penal code and to make changes to ensure that it is consistent with international human rights obligations.”

Starting on April 3, 2019 Brunei is implementing the Islamic Sharia laws that include punishing sodomy, adultery and rape with the death penalty, including by stoning, and theft with amputation.

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