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Toronto's Greektown

Toronto’s mass shooting “tragedy” (Justin Trudeau), “wasn’t hatred” (Bernie Farber)

On July 23, 2018 the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) identified 29 years old Faisal Hussain of Toronto as the man who carried out a day earlier a mass shooting attack in Toronto’s Greektown area.

According to the SIU “preliminary information suggests the following:

At approximately 10 p.m. on July 22, 2018, a man [Faisal Hussain] walking along Danforth Avenue fired shots at groups of people several times. Several people were struck. Two civilians were fatally injured. Officers located the man on Bowden Street and an exchange of gunfire took place. The man [Faisal Hussain] fled the area and was located, deceased, on Danforth Avenue.

Toronto Police Service reported:

On Sunday, July 22, 2018, at approximately 10 p.m., the Toronto Police Service responded to the area of Danforth Avenue & Logan Avenue for a shooting. Reese Fallon, 18, of Toronto, succumbed to her injuries and has died. A 10-year-old girl from the Greater Toronto Area has also died… Thirteen other victims, ranging in age from 17 to 59 years old, are being treated in hospital. Their injuries range from minor to serious.

Faisal Hussain’s family issued the following statement:

We are at a terrible loss for words but we must speak out to express our deepest condolences to the families who are now suffering on account of our son’s horrific actions.

We are utterly devastated by the incomprehensible news that our son was responsible for the senseless violence and loss of life that took place on the Danforth.

Our son had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life. The interventions of professionals were unsuccessful. Medications and therapy were unable to treat him. While we did our best to seek help for him throughout his life of struggle and pain, we could never imagine that this would be his devastating and destructive end.

Our hearts are in pieces for the victims and for our city as we all come to grips with this terrible tragedy. We will mourn those who were lost for the rest of our lives. Hussain Family

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau tweeted:

My thoughts are with everyone affected by the terrible tragedy on the Danforth last night in Toronto, and may the injured make a full recovery. The people of Toronto are strong, resilient and brave – and we’ll be there to support you through this difficult time.

Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (Regina–Wascana), posted:

A tragic night on the Danforth in Toronto. Thank you to the first responders – police, fire, paramedics- who rushed to scene to assist. Have been in touch with John Tory’s office; Toronto Police leading ongoing investigation into this senseless brutality.

The Canadian Council of Imams issued the following statement:

The Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) is deeply grieved by the horrific shooting on the Danforth last night. This senseless and unspeakable act of violence has no place in our society.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families who have suffered an unimaginable loss. We extend our deepest gratitude to the first responders and their swift, life-saving efforts as they rushed to the scene of the shooting as quickly as possible.

The shooter’s family has released a statement referencing his many years of struggle with severe mental health challenges. While we await the full investigation by the Toronto Police Services, this is certainly a cause for all us to make mental health a priority in our communities to help avoid terrible tragedies like this from ever happening again. We call on our membership and places of worship to dedicate programs and funds to benefit the victims of this tragedy and mental health initiatives.

We stand united with the city of Toronto and the Danforth community in this painful moment. We know that Torontonians are resilient and strong. Nothing has prepared us for yesterday’s violence but through our love and unity, we will emerge stronger. #TorontoStrong

Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, tweeted:

This entire episode in our city’s history is so tragic. A man with severe mental health issues was overtaken by his demons. It led him on a rampage of anger and murder.

We have many questions amongst our angst and tears. Where did a man so troubled get access to a gun? Where was our mental health system for this troubled and dangerous man.

We will grieve for those young lives taken by this troubled man but we must not let our grief overtake the sad reality here. This was not terrorism. This was not hatred. This was not extremism.

It was a sad and disturbed life, a man whose mind turned against him and led him to commit an unspeakable act of depravity.

May the memories of those we lost yesterday be forever a blessing.

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