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Haashim Atangana Kamena

Toronto Muslim street preacher: “We have to be ready to sacrifice ourselves” for Islam

Haashim Atangana Kamena is a convert to Islam and a street preacher who “used to sit at Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas intersection with a microphone and loudspeaker, preaching against homosexuality.”

Here are excerpts from Haashim Atangana Kamena’s video that was posted online a few years ago:

People [have] to be open-minded and not to believe what you hear in the media about Islam… Here in Toronto we have newspapers like Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, 24 Hours, all these newspapers that just designed to contaminate the minds of people… and brainwash the minds of people. And don’t believe what you hear… anything that is good is going to be somehow slandered… [In] the same way, the Jews, they slandered Mary, the mother of Jesus, by saying that she committed fornication… [In] the same way Islam is being slandered… Because it always gonna be a tyrannical system in every generation… that going to be set up in order to enslave people… Today we have the same thing. Anything that is contradiction of monotheism the their eyes, they don’t want us [inaudible] nothing good. So as Muslims we have to be able to handle these obstacles, because Satanic ideas and Satanic principles are becoming normal in our society. We have to be able to show the people that Satanic ideas and Satanic principles have no place in our society by calling people to monotheism, calling people to the oneness of God, because this is the solution. Islam is the solution for everything, to all the problem I can think of… We need to convey the message of Islam all over the world and we have to be ready to sacrifice ourselves even if it means to die for this deen [religion of Islam], because this is what the companions [of Mohammad] did… We have to do the same, because we have to remember that this life is temporary and we have to focus more on the hereafter.

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