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Terrorist Threat on the U.S. Northern Border

Has the Islamist influence in the Canadian government become so dominant that the American government should monitor and assess this issue?  Is the penetration of the Canadian political system by the Muslim Brotherhood (and others) so severe that it is becoming a national security threat to the U.S.?  A wall and its northern border?

Prime Minister Trudeau has done himself few favors by telling Canadians and the world that he believes returning ISIS fighters can be rehabilitated into “powerful” voices against radicalism. This despite the absence of a rehab program in Canada.  In Canada’s Parliament, the Prime Minister stated that anyone who opposed the return of ISIS fighters was Islamophobic.  Trudeau also amended the Canadian law that allowed the deportation of terrorists with dual citizenship. Convicted terrorists can now keep their newly acquired Canadian citizenship and remain in Canada after their release.

A team of Canadian experts of Islamist terrorism led by Tom Quiggin, a former Canadian military intelligence officer, and intelligence analyst for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a court-appointed expert on jihadist terrorism, have documented the development and advance of Political Islamist groups in Canada in a the new book: SUBMISSION: The Danger of Political Islam to Canada (With a Warning to America).   

This well-sourced book argues that Islamist extremism will be to the 21st Century what fascism and communism were to the 20th Century. The problem is not just terrorism, but rather those who follow the extremist ideology of political Islam (the Islamists) and the global struggle for the soul of Islam.

In a chapter on Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, the book exposes how he had supported the Islamist cause on every possible occasion since 2008 when he was elected as a Member of Parliament. The chapter also examines how political entryism has enabled well known Islamists to operate inside of the Canadian cabinet and government.  Further to this, the Prime Minister sent a video to a gathering of Islamist groups in Canada in which he noted their “shared beliefs, shared values, and shared vision.”

The book also exposes several of the Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, and their successful efforts in penetrating the education system, their charities and their methods of funding Islamist intimidation campaigns, especially regarding restrictions on free speech, as well as terrorism within and without Canada. All these and more, while attempting to reshape the country in their own image.

The book closes with a chapter titled “A Warning to America.”  In this chapter, Quiggin notes that since 1999, the U.S. has nearly been attacked at least four times by Canadian based Islamist terrorists. Good luck and good intelligence have prevented these attacks. However, since the Islamist base in Canada has been allowed and even encouraged to grow exponentially, potential terrorists could cross easily to the U.S. If a terrorist attack in the U.S. will be committed by terrorists entering the U.S. from Canada, the political repercussions on both sides of the border are likely to be severe.  This would include demands from politicians that the border is closed until the security situation in Canada improves.

Quiggin notes that the American government policy of keeping the northern border with Canada “thin” and open to the free flow of goods, services, and people should be re-examined. A wall could not stop the Islamist coming across the Canadian border. But a more sophisticated vetting of all visitors from Canada, at the border crossing, could.

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Rachel Ehrenfeld
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is Founder and President of the New York-based American Center for Democracy, and the Economic Warfare Institute. Dr. Ehrenfeld has authored academic and policy papers and more than one thousand articles. Her books include FUNDING EVIL: How Terrorism is Financed – and How to Stop Ii (2011) • EVIL MONEY (HarperCollins, 1992,1994). Her latest book project is on The Economic Warfare against the U.S. from Within and Without. • NARCOTERRORISM (Basic Books, 1990, 1992).