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Daniel Haqiqatjou says American Muslim leaders desecrate image of Islam by supporting LGBTQ

Daniel Haqiqatjou is a scholar of Islam who was born in Houston, Texas.He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy. In a Facebook post on September 9, 2020 Daniel Haqiqatjou criticized the American Muslim leadership that appears to side with the LGBTQ community in contradiction to the teachings of Islam regarding same-sex relationship. Daniel Haqiqatjou ...

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Canadian Islamic newspaper: Netflix thriller on Jesus “offensive” to Muslims

Based in Surrey, British Columbia AlAmeen Post newspaper is “a news reporting agency” that “strives to maintain its news contents purely in accordance with the Islamic teachings.” On December 23, 2019 AlAmeen Post newspaper published an article titled “The netflix series and Jesus The Prophet of Islam and The Messiah of Muslims.” Here is the article signed by Alameen: The ...

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Maryland Muslim scholar says Muslim who believes in democracy commits apostasy

Sheikh Suleiman Anwar (Bengharsa), has held the position of imam in several mosques in the US and Canada. He has lectured extensively on Islamic creed and jurisprudence. Memri described him as the head of the Islamic Jurisprudence Center in Clarksburg, Maryland. On June 17, 2017 Sheikh Suleiman Anwar issued an Islamic ruling (fatwa) titled “Democracy — Part of the Creed ...

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