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Faisal Hussain opens fire at passerby. Photo: Toronto Police

Public Safety Canada: Danforth shooting wasn’t terrorism

On December 11, 2018, Public Safety Canada published the “2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada.”

Here are excerpts from the report referring to the Danforth shooting:

In June 2018, after Faisal Hussain fired on the busy Toronto neighbourhood of Danforth, Daesh [ISIS] quickly claimed responsibility, despite the total absence of any link between the attack and that group or any other terrorist group… over the course of the last year, terrorist groups and their followers falsely claimed responsibility for attacks, when in fact they had no involvement or foreknowledge of these acts. Canada is not immune to this phenomenon. For example, in July 2018, 29-year-old Faisal Hussain opened fire in the busy Danforth neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario. While law enforcement officials confirmed that there was no terrorism nexus, Daesh [ISIS] falsely claimed responsibility for the attack soon after it occurred.

Faisal Hussain murdered 10-year-old Julianna Kozis and18-year-old Reese Fallon and wounded thirteen before committing suicide after a shootout with Toronto Police Service (TPS) officers.

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