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Ontario Islamic Party’s leader: “We believe in Jesus more than any Christian”

Jawed Anwar is the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario, based in Scarborough.

Anwar is an acclaimed publisher, journalist and activist who used to chair the Thorncliffe Park Public School Council representing more than 300 parents.

Since 2011 he also took part in the fight that thousands of Thorncliffe residents waged against the Liberal sex-education curriculum.

During Ontario provincial election in 2018 residents of Thorncliffe were mobilized by the local Muslim leadership to vote against then Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne (and NDP) because of her policy on gender identity and sex-education curriculum.

Wynne herself narrowly held onto her own riding of Don Valley West that includes the area of Thorncliffe, winning by only 181 votes. 17,621 voted for her Progressive Conservative rival Jon Kieran.

During the first week of 2019 the Islamic Party of Ontario posted two articles on its Facebook page:

January 2, 2018 – “Racist Slur: Go Back to Your Home!” The article authored by Jawed Anwar reminds the LGBTQ community the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and their annihilation by Allah because they “indulged in homosexuality” and “LGBT lifestyle.” Jawed Anwar added: “History repeats. History may repeat. We have fear of God. The lesson is very clear. Only Lot (PBUH) and his supporters can get protection… We stood to forbid evil. It is a God-assigned responsibility.” Commenting on his own article Jawed Anwar wrote: “We Muslims believe that we believe in Jesus more than any Christian.”

January 5, 2018 – “Our Economic Policy: Spending, Charity, and Interest Free” (Source: “Towards Understanding Quran”)

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