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Now Magazine publishes racist headline: “City Council So White”

On September 20, 2018 Now Magazine published an article written by Chantal Otchere and entitled “City Council So White”.

The subtitle reads: “The province’s hostile takeover of Toronto comes just when governance as diverse as the city’s populace seemed possible for the first time.”

Chantal Otchere wrote:

The benefits of allowing a larger council with more progressive and diverse voices wouldn’t just flow to communities of colour. It would also mean advocacy with positive outcomes for people who face similar citywide issues – the underemployed, working families, households with children who attend public school, those who rent, people who lack access to medical resources and care and transit users.

How a government treats its vulnerable and communities of colour is a barometer by which we can measure a city’s quality of life. What’s worse, a smaller, less diverse council leaves unchecked a premier whose sanctioned power far exceeds his sense of duty, and risks allowing greater abuses for years to come.

In a previous article (February 9, 2017) “Is Justin Trudeau a white supremacist? Maybe”, Otchere sided with Yusra Khogali, co-founder and spokesperson of Black Lives Matter – TO who called Trudeau “white supremacist terrorist”:

White supremacy is not just a racist bent. It’s farther reaching and is far more sinister than that. It is an institutionalized system of oppression that is reinforced on an economic, legal, educational, religious and even a cultural level. Major institutions that we all, including our Prime Minister and our beloved Libs respect, support and perpetuate this oppression.

Vicky Mochama, the national columnist for Metro Toronto, claimed that “in a society founded by and for white supremacy, the police are a tool of white supremacy” and that “white supremacy [is] still law of the land.”

The front page of the Toronto Metro newspaper on December 22, 2016 read: “Rich, white homeowners have been controlling the city for far too long.”

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