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John Tory, Mayor of Toronto

Muslim call to prayer chanted at Toronto City Hall

On May 7, 2019 Toronto John Tory hosted an Iftar dinner (breaking the fast of Ramadan) in the Council Chambers with the attendance of Wael Shehab, the Imam of Masjid Toronto mosque, and Hamid Slimi, the Imam and founder of Sayeda Khadija Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

An Imam chanted the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer:

Allah is the Greatest. (Recited four times)

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. (Recited twice)

I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. (Recited twice)

Come to Prayer. (Recited twice)

Come to success/salvation. (Recited twice)

Allah is the Greatest.(Recited twice)

There is none worthy of worship except Allah.

In his speech at the event Toronto Mayor John Tory said:

Abdullah was a youth fellowship person in my office and just to tell a couple of days he went off to work on Parliament Hill for the Minister of foreign affairs. I think that’s a wonderful statement about how is fellowship program gets people involved and then has them go off to do something like to work for the Minister for Foreign Affairs, but he’s wonderful role model example for this community. I can just tell you have man, but I was very proud to have him working in my office.

I want to just extend my best wishes to you Ramadan Mubarak on the occasion of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. It’s an interfaith event that we’re having tonight although I think many of you here are members of the Islamic faith, but I do want to thank those who are joining from churches across the city and showcasing their support for this community. I say everywhere I go, because I’m prepared as Mayor going and celebrating the important occasions in many different faith communities in our city, and I think it is so important that we celebrate each other’s special occasions and come to understand what they’re all about. And it is a small gesture of that.

I for the first time when I don’t want to make a deal of it because in the end of the day you will do it for quite a lengthy period of time, but for the first time ever in my life I fasted from when I went to sleep last night until now so I’m [unintelligible]. You are about the breaking of the fast you’d be wrong about that, but it is something that I think, as I’ve come to understand over many many iftar [breaking the fast meal] dinners and many other occasions in the community, it is an occasion where people in the community are encourage to better themselves, to become more compassionate for the less fortunate, to understand the meaning of sacrifice, and I think it does do all of that And I I’m just glad that I did it. I did it really as a symbol of respect for the [Islamic] faith of many of you and my respect and affection for the community that I’ve got to know so well over the time that I’ve had the privilege of being Mayor.

And the thing that I’ve seen in the last few days again, this year again, I see it through the years, is the incredible devotion to the community of the members of this faith. I’ve gone, last year in iftar dinners I saw fundraising for a hospital take places in Thorncliffe Park… I saw food being collected at a mosque in Scarborough, and every time and this is an untold story. The community as part of their commemoration of Ramadan the’re making a contribution to the broader community. And on this past weekend I went up as a wonderful project that… Patel was involved in as well, the project Ramadan that had people packing food bags for Ramadan for people across the city and they were at least a 150 people there. I’ve gone with the very same group from the Muslim Welfare Centre to deliver food and sandwiches and meals to people in need. They are not necessarily of the Muslim faith at all, just people


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