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Sheikh Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa. Photo: Screenshot from YouTube Sheikh Suleiman Anwar

Maryland Muslim scholar says Muslim who believes in democracy commits apostasy

Sheikh Suleiman Anwar (Bengharsa), has held the position of imam in several mosques in the US and Canada. He has lectured extensively on Islamic creed and jurisprudence. Memri described him as the head of the Islamic Jurisprudence Center in Clarksburg, Maryland.

On June 17, 2017 Sheikh Suleiman Anwar issued an Islamic ruling (fatwa) titled “Democracy — Part of the Creed of the Disbelievers.” Here are excerpts from the fatwa:

Democracy, as a system of governance, is an integral part of the values, ideas and ideals of the West. Therefore, democracy is part and parcel of the religion/aqeedah (creed) of the disbelievers in the West (and those who have adopted such system). Any muslim who believes in such aqeedah (fully or partially) has committed riddah (apostasy).

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