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Jamal Badawi. Photo: Screenshot from YouTube Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center

Jamal Badawi: “homosexuality is a setback and decline in the world today”

Dr. Jamal Badawi is a Canadian prominent Muslim scholar. According to his official bio: (archive)

  • Dr. Jamal Badawi is an Egyptian born Muslim Canadian. He is a former professor who taught at a number of schools including the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he taught in the Departments of Religious Studies and Management. He is a well-known author, activist, preacher and speaker on Islam. Dr. Badawi completed his undergraduate studies in Cairo, Egypt and his Masters and Ph.D. degrees at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Dr. Badawi is the author of many books and articles on Islam. In addition, he researched, designed and presented a 352 segment television series on Islam, which was shown in many local TV stations in Canada, the US and as well as other countries all over the world. Audio and video copies of this series are widely available throughout the world. This website, also, includes the transcribed text of these videos, which can be found under the ARTICLES tab.
  • Dr. Badawi also actively participates in lectures, seminars and interfaith dialogues in North America. He was invited as a guest speaker in various functions throughout the world. Additionally, he is active in several Islamic organizations, including Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). He is the founder/chairman of the Islamic Information Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation seeking to promote a better understanding of Islam and the Muslims.
  • Currently, he is the Vice-Chairman of the Islamic University. Dr. Badawi is the father of 5 and grandfather of 12 children.

Here is an excerpt from an Islamic ruling (fatwa) issued by Jamal Badawi: (archive)

“To allow homosexuality in the name of liberalism and freedom is a kind of diversion from the innate or fitrah [فطرة] nature in which Almighty Allah created humankind. In terms of our perspectives as Muslims and in terms of the moral standards, this is a setback and decline in the world today.”

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