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Islamic Party of Ontario: liberal concept of gender identity is “fascism”

On December 12, 2018 Jawed Anwar the Caller of the Islamic Party of Ontario published an article entitled “Attention Doug Ford: Please Restore Our Gender.”

Here are excerpts from Anwar’s article:

In Ontario, it is now a “human rights violation” to announce a new baby’s biological gender. Because, “you don’t know”, “you never know”, what his/her gender is. Gender also doesn’t come into two biological “colours” (male or female); gender has “seven colours” according to liberal evil-o-pedia.

It is the new liberal concept of “gender identity”. Never in past human history could anyone have ever conceived of this notion. It has been implemented in the last 15 years of Liberal government in Ontario, particularly by the agenda-setter, gay activist ex-Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Don’t be confused. “Gender identity” means killing of gender, end of the gender.

It is now that LGBT people and only LGBT people have the right to express their non-biological gender –not the straight people. We, who are born with biological gender with the ID of male and female, have no right now to express our God-given gender. This is liberal fascism

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