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Islamic organization in Canada: Pakistan should become Islamic State – Caliphate

On September 13, 2018 the Islamic organization Hizb ut Tahrir Canada posted on Facebook the following statement:

Hizb ut Tahrir Canada sends a delegation to the Pakistani Consulate demanding the release of Sister Romana and Sister Roshan in Pakistan

Hizb ut Tahrir Canada sent a formal delegation to the Pakistani Consulate in Toronto requesting that the Pakistani authorities fulfill their Islamic obligation (Fard) to release Sister Romana and Sister Roshan. As noted in the press release delivered as a part of this visit, these two sisters were abducted by the Pakistani authorities and their whereabouts remain unknown. In the meeting with the deputy consul, the delegation expressed its outrage at the actions of the Pakistani authorities who have dared to snatch away a mother from her children, leaving these poor kids in a state of misery and despair. The delegation also raised in the meeting the Pakistani authorities’ complete disregard of the Shari’ah of Allah (swt), which forbids abducting people. The Pakistani authorities have stooped to such a low level that they would resort to abducting women whose only crime is to call for the full implementation of the Deen of Allah (swt) in Pakistan.

This affront to justice is but one example of the many injustices perpetrated by the Pakistani authorities against the people of Pakistan, and it once again demonstrates the need to replace the corrupt system in Pakistan with the true Khilafah state [Islamic State] on the Path of Prophethood. It is only through such a state that the people of Pakistan will experience justice and the rule of law.

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