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Hizb ut Tahrir. Photo: screenshot YouTube Mazin Abdul-Adhim

Islamic organization in Britain: “Islam is NOT only for Muslims, but for all mankind”

On June 4, 2017 the Islamic organization Hizb ut Tahrir Britain posted on Facebook the following statement:

Islam is NOT only for Muslims, but for all mankind. If Islam is a religion, then it is only for Muslims. But if Islam is a deen as it was revealed, then it is for all mankind. ”And we did not send you (Muhammad) except as a mercy to mankind” [21: 107]

When the Prophet migrated to Madina as its ruler, most of his subjects weren’t Muslim yet all were governed by the justice and truth of Islam as citizens of its state.

If we look to the universe, we see that everything is governed by the laws of its All Mighty Creator, except here on earth where Allah has allowed the children of Adam free will to choose the system by which they govern their lives.

And He in His mercy also gave us the choice to follow the true system by which human society should be governed; Al-Islam. For all its people, all its races and all its religions to live in harmony under the system designed for them by their creator. “…and we made you peoples and tribes that you may get to know each other…” [49: 13] But if Islam is a religion, then it is only for Muslims.

Secularism is therefore portrayed as the only way to govern over people of different religions and races. This is the lie we are fed to forget about our glorious history where all people flourished. Where there was a golden age of Jewish culture in Islamic Spain. Where the knowledge of all cultures were studied and preserved in Baghdad. Where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in peace in Palestine.

Islam is the only system that united people of all races and religions in history and will unite them once more when it returns.

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Rachel Ehrenfeld
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