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Islamic group in Australia: We have to “ensure Muslims are in an eternal state of superiority”

The Australian branch of the international Islamic pro-Caliphate organization Hizb ut-Tahrir posted on July 25, 2018 a policy paper titled “Muslims in Australia – Considerations when Setting an Agenda.”

Here are excerpts from the document:

Muslims living in Australia are part of the universal brotherhood of Islam… Muslims in Australia are part of the global Muslim Ummah [nation], and the Islam that exists in one part of the world is the same as that which exists in any other part of the world, just as the duties obliged upon Muslims in one part of the world are the same duties obliged to Muslims in every other part of the world, notwithstanding the ahkam (rulings) that came to address different realities…

The struggle of the Muslims is thus to reverse the decline experienced prior and subsequent to the destruction of the Khilafah. This struggle can be broadly categorised into two main spheres.

The first is the intellectual struggle, which is centred upon reconstructing the clarity of the Islamic creed in the minds of the Muslims, rebuilding the confidence of Islam in the hearts of the Muslims and repelling the poisonous non-Islamic culture that was forced upon the Muslims.

The second is the political struggle, which is focused upon removing the shackles of Western hegemony in the Muslim world, struggling against the enemies of Islam and their agents in the Muslim world, building a critical mass that rejects the illegitimate rulers in the Muslim world, and expending every effort aimed at re-establishing the Islamic political authority

The question for the Muslims in Australia is thus centred around the manner in which we can partake in the struggle for Islam today. Inevitably, the actions we do undertake must serve either the intellectual or political struggle that is inherent in the wider struggle for Islam. In this respect, there are two angles to explore.

The first is to positively contribute to those efforts aimed at elevating Islam and the condition of the Muslims. From the intellectual side, this involves the preservation of the Islamic identity, the preservation of the Islamic bonds, and the cultivation of a strong and confident Muslim community…

The preservation of the Islamic bonds involves the reinforcement of all elements that bind Muslims in Australia with Muslims globally, and vice-versa. This is critical as it will ensure we continue to think as one Ummah [nation], act as one Ummah [nation] and react as one Ummah [nation]. It ensures Muslims in Australia never lose sight of their global agenda, whilst also laying solid foundations for global action…

As Muslims in Australia, it is vital we champion the global cause of Islam for three main reasons.

The first is because it is our cause and it is our responsibility to ensure the success of this cause.

The second is to assist those Muslims in other parts of the Muslim world that may not have the opportunity to engage in this work sufficiently due to the oppressive nature of despotic regimes in the Muslim world…it is the responsibility of every Muslim today to join their hands with the sincere Islamic political parties that are seeking to re-establish the Islamic political authority and to re-assert the Ummah’s political destiny

The second angle from which we can partake in the wider struggle for Islam is to negatively influence the enemies of Islam and the calamities they seek to impose upon the Ummah [nation].

From a global perspective, this involves exposing the plots of Western governments, holding these governments to account and challenging the false narratives employed by these governments in justifying their war on Islam…

On a local level, we must reject the new secular version of Islam that is being constructed by Western governments and their lackeys in the Western and Muslim world. This new ‘moderate’ Islam is a perverted version of Islam that localises the Muslim’s concerns, removes the political aspects of Islam such as the Khilafah and its systems of governance, and seeks to redefine Islam along modern secular and liberal interpretations…

We must also reject every invitation to compromise our Islam, whether it be through political participation, government funding or by threats and intimidation…

Islam defines for us our priorities, it defines for us our objectives and it defines for us our mode of engagement. Allah (swt) has decreed a noble and esteemed role for the Muslims, for we have been ordained as the best nation brought forth for mankind. Moreover, we have been ordained as witnesses and guardians over mankind. It is thus our divine responsibility to ensure Islam and the Muslims are in an eternal state of superiority, and never can we accept anything less befitting. This is the agenda of the Muslims of Australia and it is the agenda of every Muslim globally.

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