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Minhaj Al-Muslim

Islamic book sold in Toronto explains rights of slave women

The book (2 Vol. Set) “Minhaj Al-Muslim” (The Way of a Muslim) by the Muslim scholar Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza’ri is being sold in Islamic bookstores across Toronto, including ICNA’s Canada bookstores.

Here is an excerpt from “Minhaj Al-Muslim”, Vol. 2 pp. 336-337:

Manumission from slavery: If the wife is a slave woman married to a slave husband, and then she is manumitted, she has the choice of annulling the marriage from her slave husband. This is under the condition that she did not have sexual intercourse with him after knowing of her freedom. If she had sexual relations with him even after knowing that she was free, she has no right to have the marriage annulled. In a narration recorded by Muslim, A’ishah said, “Barirah was manumitted and her husband was still a slave. So the Messenger of Allah PBUH [peace be upon him], gave her a choice. If her husband were a free man, the Messenger of Allah PBUH [peace be upon him] would not have given her a choice.”

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