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Jawed Anwer. Photo: Screenshot from video of Abdul Rauf Jangda YouTube channel

Founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario: “Liberals are killing Islam”

Jawed Anwer, is the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario located in Scarborough, Ontario.

In February 2018 Jawed Anwer delivered a speech on behalf of the of Muslim Voters Association Don Valley West at an event organized for Doug Ford PC Ontario leadership campaign. Here is transcript of Jawed Anwar’s speech:

In the name of God, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful, on behalf of the Muslim Voters Association Don Valley West, we welcome… as he announced his candidacy… In fact by supporting Doug Ford we are supporting us. We adhere to save our children, to save our generation. We believe that public schools are spiritual slaughterhouses for our children. They are not teaching facts and God’s guidance. They are teaching liberal ideologies of family and society as… the approach. As a leader of PC and hopefully next premier we will respect the true God feeling, God conscious, God loving, social conservative minister of education who respects all faith groups and restores our parental and religious rights that are constitutionally guaranteed. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms starts with: ‘Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.’ I wonder, if we recognize the supremacy of God why we don’t obey God? Why we don’t take guidance from God for our family and for our public life… I always wonder why Muslims support liberals. [The] Liberal Party is based on the philosophy of liberalism. Liberalism erases God in all matters and all aspects of life. They worship the human desires and lusts. We Muslims believe and have faith that Islam provides guidance for both private and public lives. Quran is the latest edition of Bible, the Book of Guidance for all mankind. Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is the last and final messenger of God after Jesus, and the chain of prophets and messengers begins from the first man Adam, peace be upon him, all of them. So our liberal friends say, [the] Liberal Party supports Muslims. We say, liberals support Muslims minus Islam, and Muslims without Islam are not Muslims, just like Christians minus Bible and Jesus are not Christians. They [liberals] say they will end Islamophobia. We say, you are killing Islam by laws by legislation. If there is no Islam in the schools, in society, no values, there will be no Islamophobia. The is how the liberals are dealing with Islamophobia. We request our Christian brothers and sisters to join hands with Muslims having Islamic faith. Together we can struggle to restore and build back our religious values in education and public life. This is the only way to win the war, the war the religious truth had already lost. At the end, we request all brothers and sisters, if you are a member of [the] PC Party [Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario] vote for online… 2 and 10 and we request all the Canadian… and voters to vote for [the] PC nominee from Don Vallry West Jon Kieran on June 7 [2018]. May Allah succeed us in our endeavor. We ask you please struggle hard and pray… for the success, the success for our values and faith we believe and practice. In the Quran Allah says, ‘and the man shall have nothing but what he has struggled for [Quran 53:39]. Good luck.

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