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Jawed Anwer. Photo: Screenshot from video of Abdul Rauf Jangda YouTube channel

Founder of Ontario Islamic Party represented hundreds in fight against sex-ed curriculum

Jawed Anwar is the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario, based in Scarborough.

On October 9, 2018 Jawed Anwar posted an article entitled “Scrap the K-12 Gender-Killing, Curriculum Resource Guide.”

Here is excerpt from the article:

Kathleen Wynne’s propaganda of parents’ consent was completely false. Thorncliffe Park Public School is the largest elementary school of North America. Not a single parent was consulted. I was involved in the school council from 2009 to 2011 as a chair and co-chair (elected by the votes cast by 300+ parents).

Since then, all involved in the council are my friends. No one was ever consulted. She may have consulted the minority lifestyle community to which she belongs; however, parents of Ontario rejected it. They still reject it…

Not a single leader is considering the impact and guidelines document to implement after Bill 13 (New Accepting Education Guide) passed on June 2012 from Ontario Legislative Assembly. Several protest rallies were organized at Queens Park in 2011-12. As-Seerah education movement [initiated by Jawed Anwar] was started at the time.

The official bio of Jawed Anwar, the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario

The now defunct website TheMuslim.Ca published the official bio of Jawed Anwar, the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario:

TheMuslim.Ca is a newsblog of Torontonian Muslims (Muslims living in Greater Toronto Area), published and owned by Seerah West, Inc. Toronto, Ontario. This is a one stop service, provides all relevant news and info that GTA Muslims need to know. Journalist Jawed Anwar is the President and Owner of Seerah West, Inc.

The Founder, Publisher & Editor of theMuslim.ca, Jawed Anwar is also the Publisher and Managing Editor of Seerah West, A Journal on the Life of Hope & Mercy upon Mankind; The Muhammad (s.a.w.). He had been Publisher and Chief Editor of Muslims Weekly, New York, USA from 1999 to 2006 and Publisher and Managing Editor of Monthly DATALOG, Karachi, Pakistan from 1988 to 1997.

Jawed Anwar has completed fellowship of New York Times Institute of Journalism in 2005, Certificate in Journalism from New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York, USA in 1999, and M. A. in journalism from University of Karachi, Pakistan in 1990. He has graduated from Aligarh Muslim University in 1981.

He has written hundreds of articles, columns, reports and feature stories in English and Urdu published in Dawat (Delhi) & Several Newspapers from India, Jasarat (Karachi), Takbeer (Karachi), Jang (Karachi), Dawn (Karachi), The News (Karachi), Datalog (Karachi), Pakistan Post (New York), Pakistan News (New York), Muslim Observer (Detroit), Pakistan Link (California), Muslims Weekly (New York), Aafaq (Toronto), Pakeezah International (Toronto), and various others. His articles on Islamic Education System, Intellectual History and Madrasah System in South Asia got wide recognition.


–In 2003, Muslims Weekly New York won six awards presented by the Independent Press Association, New York (www.indypressny.org), an association of all ethnic and community newspapers. Muslims Weekly won Best Photograph, Best Re-Design, Second Best Editorial/Commentary, Second Best Article on Immigrant Issues, Second Best in Overall Layout/Design and Third Best in Layout/Design under the category of “newspapers of New York under the circulation of 25,000.”

Jawed Anwar won the second place award for Best Article on Immigrant Issues and the Best Photograph Award.

-In 2004, Jawed Anwar won the third place award Best Feature Article and the third place award for Best Editorial/Commentary, along with three other awards to different writers of Muslims Weekly by Independent Press Association, New York.

–In 2005, Jawed Anwar was awarded third place for Best Editorial Award in the Editorial Category. Muslims Weekly also won Best Article on Immigrant Issues, Racial, or Social Justices, the Honorable Mention on the article “The Muslim Participation in US Presidential Election (Record Muslim Voter Turnout)” by Jehangir Khattak.

–In 2005, Muslims Weekly, New York (Publisher & Chief Editor Jawed Anwar) won Media Justice Award by Council of American-Islamic Relations, New York (CAIR NY).

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