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Tarek Fatah

Founder of Islamic Party of Ontario: Tarek Fatah is “an open enemy of Islam”

On October 22, 2018 Syed Jawed Anwar, the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario, wrote the following on Toronto Sun’s columnist and a secular Muslim Tarek Fatah:

Did she [American journalist Laura Loomer] succeed? The answer is no. However, she did at least one good job providing a topic (badly needed) to write a column for another Islamophobe Tareek Fatah in Toronto Sun. Tareek is an open enemy of Islam and a hate-purveyor. He loves and waits for these topics.

Mr. Fatah was in India, had hurt 200 million Muslims’ sentiments as a weekly TV program host. Delhi High court banned his program. He had actively pursued Indian citizenship that shows his dislike of Pakistani and Canadian citizenship. India doesn’t allow dual citizenship. Several Muslims and Hindu groups in India complained that Mr. Fatah is propagating hate in India that will inflame Hindu-Muslim riots.

On the other hand, many Indians believe that Mr. Fatah is a Pakistani agent planted in India with anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan facial coverup (burqa).

In response Tarek Fatah tweeted: (tweet-01, tweet-02)

Jawed Anwar of ‘Islamic Party of Ontario’ @IslamicOntario slaps ‘apostacy’ label on me; accuses me of being an ‘Islamophobe’ making it obligatory for any Muslim to kill me. He made this death threat knowing he’ll face no consequences. Thank u #M103. cc @FordNation @TorontoPolice

Everything you wanted to know about the @IslamicOntario Party, but didn’t know where to look! This new political party believes that “Islam is the native religion of Ontario and Canada” plus it wants me dead.

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