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Daniel Haqiqatjou. Photo: screenshot YouTube/The Thinking Muslim

Daniel Haqiqatjou says American Muslim leaders desecrate image of Islam by supporting LGBTQ

Daniel Haqiqatjou is a scholar of Islam who was born in Houston, Texas.He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy.

In a Facebook post on September 9, 2020 Daniel Haqiqatjou criticized the American Muslim leadership that appears to side with the LGBTQ community in contradiction to the teachings of Islam regarding same-sex relationship.

Daniel Haqiqatjou wrote:

These are pictures from an event the media called a “border demonstration.” The “demonstration” was for “migrant rights.”

At the top left is Zahra Billoo, one of CAIR’s executive directors who is often featured in US media as a “Muslim leader.” She is receiving an oil “blessing” from an LGBT priestess named Reverend Traci Blackmon. As you can see, she is quite moved by this kufr [heresey] ritual.

There is also Hussam Ayloush, another CAIR director, taking a selfie with an LGBT priestess. His big smile speaks volumes.

You might think, “If only there had been some knowledgeable scholar who could have advised them against such behavior…”

But, as you can see, Omar Suleiman was also participating in the “demonstration,” as was Imam Zaid Shakir. They also stood and posed with women, marched alongside LGBT priestesses, etc.

What did this demonstration involve?

The media described some aspects of it [link in comments]:

“Carcaño and Blackmon anointed those who would be participating in the civil disobedience with oil as a blessing.”

“…the marchers walked in organized rows along a muddy trail… They paused when they reached the beach to read out dozens of names of those who died on migrant journeys. The first name read was Roxana Hernández, a trans woman from Honduras…”

“They sang ‘We Shall Not Be Moved’ as they inched forward, either stepping and kneeling again or in some cases walking on their knees in the sand. Some locked arms or held hands. One woman in the middle of the group pressed her hands together in prayer.”

As you can see, this “demonstration” involves several religious elements: the oil blessing, reciting the names of trans womxn, kneeling, praying, singing.

Furthermore, almost all the “faith leaders” are wearing rainbow flags to signal their love for Qawm [people of] Lut.

None of this is unique. There are many examples of similar “demonstrations” that involve shirk [polytheism] rituals and the heavy involvement of Qawm [people of] Lut lovers.

This is by design.

A presumably good cause is mixed with gender mixing, shirk [polytheism], Qawm [people of] Lut. This is all meant to normalize these things and draw more people into them.

And, as you can see, the same handful of Muslim activists and Compassionate Imams are front and center.

Every. Single. Time.

Participating in these ritualized activities, no matter how “good” the cause, is a violation against deen [religion of Islam]. Participating in these ritualized activities with modern day Qawm [people of] Lut is a violation on top of a violation, no matter how many times Suleiman says “Sunnah Framework.”

Thousands of pictures and videos are taken at these events and they make sure to include the Muslims participating in the most shirk-y, Qawm [people of] Lut-y aspects of them. Then these images are spread far and wide to make non-Muslims and Muslims think that these things are not only Islamically acceptable but praiseworthy.

And when scholars and educated Muslims speak out against it, the trolls defend their beloved Compassionate Imams by crying, “bUt iT’s fOr a GoOd cAuSE!!!” Or they say, “hE cAn’T cOnTrOL wHO StanDs NeXT tO hIm!”

Really? How many dozens of “accidental” associations can a person have before it becomes undeniable what this person is really about?

Let me give you another example from just this week.

The Washington Post, one of the most prominent news outlets in the US, published an article about Americans converting to Islam through online shahadas. A great cause, right?

But look how they mix it.

The article only mentions two venues as facilitating these conversions: Yaqeen Institute and Masjid Rabia, a “queer mosque” whose imam is the transgender, bisexual shia Mahdia Lynn.

In reality, there are numerous masajid and online Muslim institutes that facilitate more shahadas in a week than Omar Suleiman does in a year.

Of all these online Muslim institutes giving shahada [pledge of allegiance to Islam], I wonder why the female Muslim journalist who wrote the article chose to focus on only two: a small, no-name gay “mosque” and Yaqeen, and no one else.

By design.

The article interviews Omar Suleiman and a self-described “queer” convert.

By design.

Is all this a coincidence given that Omar Suleiman is on record saying that Muslims and gays should stand together and pray together and runs a “traditional” Muslim institute that has published an article supporting many LGBT rights, including gay marriage?

Think about it. Why is it that Omar Suleiman is featured in mainstream media? Why is he of all people selected to give speeches for presidential candidates? Why is he selected to lead group prayers in Congress? Why is he selected to stand and lead prayer for George Bush and Obama, two war criminals?

Is it because these people love Islam so much? Is it because they really liked Omar Suleiman’s lecture series on Angels? Or are they trying to project to the world a carefully selected image of an “ideal Muslim”? Their preferred “American Muslim”?

I am focusing on Omar Suleiman for three reasons.

1. He is the imam that US mainstream media features positively the most. More than anyone else. This in itself needs to be reflected on. And this means that his actions carry more weight and therefore require more scrutiny.

2. His dawah [propagation of Islam] affects more than the US. It extends across the Muslim world. To those of you outside the US, pay close attention. This is the kind of Islam that is being imported into your countries through an aggressive campaign. Yaqeen — which is a multi-million dollar institute with numerous ties to counter-extremism, “moderate Muslim” pushing agencies, including the CIA — is translating their own articles and trying to build their networks in Malaysia, Turkey, the Arab world, etc.

3. Some young Islamic university and alim graduates as well as older imams look up to him as an example of successful dawah [propagation of Islam]. They don’t realize that his dawah is to “American Islam” not Islam. Big difference.

For these reasons and more, his actions need to be scrutinized. And we all will continue to do so inshaAllah [Allah Willing], no matter how much it makes some people uncomfortable.

I mean, just look at these pictures.

This is how the self-labeled “leaders” of the Muslim community are smearing, defacing, desecrating the image of Islam to the world.

Enough is enough.

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