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Radical Islam

What are Praying Muslims Repeating 17 Times daily?

The Muslim prayer (also known as salah, salat or namaz) is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and obligatory religious duty to every Muslims who reached the age of puberty. The purpose of the prayer is to demonstrate a total submission to Allah and a commitment to follow in his path unconditionally. At the start of each unit of ...

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‘Newspeak’ Vs. Trump’s Illegal Immigration Executive Order

We are witnessing deliberate efforts to cripple America’s ability to control its borders and stop ill-intended immigrants and refugees from entering its gates. These efforts advanced by the Left-leaning, pro-Muslim media and social networks using newspeak to disseminate disinformation. Their success is the result of years of vigorously enforced ‘political correctness.’ The weaponization of the language to distribute what President Trump calls “fake news” is nothing new. Under Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, relentless ...

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Obama’s illogic

Left: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama. (Photo: Cihan), Nov.13, 2015 The confusion in the President’s thinking and strategy about the current terrorist crisis is frightening in its implications. As the tragic events in Paris confirm, surprise remains one of the most important aspects of warfare, in this instance by the Islamic terrorists of Daesh [ISIS ...

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