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Mazin Abdul-Adhim. Photo: screenshot YouTube Mazin Abdul-Adhim

Canadian Muslim scholar on liberal secularism: “The inmates are running the asylum”

Mazin AbdulAdhim is a prominent Canadian Muslim scholar and Imam of Iraqi descent who is affiliated with the pro-Caliphate Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

On December 17, 2018 Mazin AbdulAdhim shared on Facebook his insights about an article published by The Telegraph and entitled: “Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners.” Here is AbdulAdhim’s Facebook post:

At first I thought this has to be an Onion article. But nope, this is modern-day liberal secularism.

They are teaching children in schools that males can have *periods*, even though it totally contradicts reality. They now officially care more about liberal ideology than unquestionable, objective facts.

Societies around the world, especially in the West, have gone so long without the guidance of their Creator that human beings have almost entirely lost track of even the simplest, most basic sense of right and wrong.

We continue to advance technologically, and some people continue to confuse that form of progress with “moral progress” – thinking that we also need to “progress” morally, which translates to abandoning morality and following the lead of the most immoral and depraved of society, because the media is presenting them as “progressive.”

The Messenger of Allah said: “…and on that day, the Ruwaybidha [لرُّوَيْبضة] will speak.” They asked “What is a Ruwaybidha?” [لرُّوَيْبضة] He said “An incompetent fool (Taafih) addressing public affairs.”

This is the age of the Ruwaybidha [لرُّوَيْبضة]. This is the age of incompetent, morally depraved fools leading institutions that they are unqualified to lead. Governments, social systems, professionals in the field of psychology and mental health, and many other important fields are led and managed by Ruwaybidha [incompetent fools] today.

The insane and incompetent of society have reached positions of leadership and authority – and the masses are trusting them and following them blindly the same as they were trusting and following the *competent* criminal rulers and leaders before them.

I’ve said it before and I wasn’t kidding. The inmates are running the asylum. The insane are now running society, and people don’t seem to have noticed.

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