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Mazin Abdul-Adhim. Photo: screenshot YouTube/Mazin Abdul-Adhim

Canadian Muslim scholar calls for reestablishing the Islamic State, rejecting nation-states

Mazin AbdulAdhim is a prominent Canadian Muslim scholar and Imam of Iraqi descent who is affiliated with the pro-Caliphate Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

On April 15, 2018 London, Ontario based Mazin Abdul-Adhim posted on his YouTube channel a video entitled “10 Reasons Why the Khilafah”.

In this video Mazin Abdul-Adhim explain the importance and the benefits of reestablishing the Caliphate or the Islamic State that will unite all Muslims under rule of Islam. The following is the transcription of the video:

In this video I’m going to give you ten reasons why the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State].

  • Reason number one – A better government. The world today is run by politicians who essentially rule according to their own whims and desires. They look after only the interests of their friends and their own economic interests and laws are enacted basically on nothing more than public opinion and whatever pressures are applied to them through lobbies. This is due to the fact that the laws that are enacted are man made laws and human beings will always be corrupted by their personal interests and the environment that they live in. Under a Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] system the laws are confined within the limits of what is in the Quran and Sunnah [Islamic teachings], so therefore any law that is enacted has to be taken from a valid Ijtihad [independent or original interpretation of problems not precisely covered by the Qurʾān and Sunnah] or a process of deriving legislation from the text of Islam, which confines the types of legislation that are brought forward and the rulers are accountable to the laws that are in the Quran and Sunnah and the people have the right to account. And therefore under a Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] system the ruler is just one of the people and he is not the legislator himself and the people are not the legislators either, rather everyone are following the guidance of Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, and the legislation of f Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He.
  • Number two – For economic justice. Everyone is aware of the economic injustice that takes place all across the world. The wealth imbalance, the mass poverty that is spread all over the world. We all know of the reports that came out where eighty people in the world have more wealth than half of the population of the world and it’s getting worse every year. In the capitalist system the economy revolves around production. So whenever they have an economic problem or some poverty issue, they believe that they need to increase production in order to compensate for the absence of wealth on certain levels, whereas in a Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] distribution is the focus of the economy, and therefore the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] is responsible to ensure that everyone has a home, that is at the same level and standard as everyone else in the neighborhood, so you won’t have these projects or that this cheap housing, and everyone else have full size houses. No. Enjoining the good [بالمعروف] is required as mentioned in the Quran, and therefore everyone must have the same standard and the Caliph [head of the Islamic State] is responsible for ensuring this. Not only that, public property such as waterways and whatever come from our waterways that is hydropower and so on, and oil wells, and natural gas, and all the natural resources and minerals that exist on a societal level, are public property and therefore under the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] system, wealth is distributed in a very even manner without taking away the rights of people for private ownership and therefore Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] protects society from such wealth imbalance and such economic harm.
  • Number three – For morality. We all see the degradation, the moral degradation that is taking place in the whole world today, but especially in the west. We see twenty years ago people used to commit pornography and they used to strip for money, but people now do it just for fun or just for attention. Moral degradation has reached an all time high. We find that in schools. Children as young as four in grade four and Grade five are being taught about how sex works and even how to have safe anal intercourse. This moral degradation is due to the fact, due to the absence of an objective moral standard for society, and therefore everything just shifts based on the whatever society is going to accept. Under a Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] the moral standard for society is founded and firmly rooted on the guidance of Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, and therefore moral does not shift and does not change, rather it is guided by the wisdom, and the justice of the creator of mankind, and that protects society. It protects our women, it protects our children, it protects our fathers and it protects our brothers, it protects all of us from falling into what has resulted in STDs [sexually transmitted diseases], one night stands, emotional abandonment and the broken family home.
  • Number four – for spirituality and tranquility. Another one of the biggest problems that’s happening under secular society is that people think that it’s OK to divorce spirituality from everyday life in terms of business transactions and politics and everything else in life. The problem is that human beings yearn for spiritual satisfaction. When we look at the moon we feel a sense of yearning inside. Whenever we feel amazed by something about the design of the world we feel the sense of awe. This is actually an innate desire to sanctify something greater than ourselves. Secularism has taught us that this spiritual yearning really only exists within your own personal individual life and life within a mosque or a church or a religious organization or a building, but the truth of the matter is that we as human beings desire for a spiritual connection to God in even our business transactions and political dealing, which turns our material and our empty material lives into something spiritual. We know that under the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] under whether it’s the rightly guided Caliphs, or later Caliphs under the Umayyad [Caliphate] or Abbasid [Caliphate] and the Ottoman [Caliphate], we know that life itself on an everyday basis was very tranquil and filled a spirituality. People’s dealings were connected to their knowledge that God is watching them, and everything, and this is found in the fact that the laws themselves are from the creator himself, and therefore people are reminded of their creator, and this helps us as Muslims to strengthen our Iman [faith] when everything in our life including the laws, including even the looks of the structures and buildings around us, remind us of the Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, and create a special environment.
  • Number five – For our children. The biggest issue that most Muslims have a soon as they have children is they start worrying about the well-being of their children. They start worrying about raising their children Islamically and raising children that can become great Muslims like Salaheddin Al Ayoubi and like the Sahaba [Mohammad’s companions]. This is one of the greatest thing that the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] offers us for us as Muslims, is an education system and a media, and an environment that is conducive to great Muslims. Think about this. When we look at the time of the classical scholars, we look at time of t he great Muhadditheen [Hadith Scholars], whenever we look even at the time of the great commentators and so on, why were there so many? Why were there literally thousands upon thousands if not tens of thousands of great scholars. Any one of the scholars brought in today in our current world he’d be one of the greatest scholars in the world, but the reality is that today we have so few great scholars. Why is that? And it’s because we don’t have an environment that raises great Muslims men of knowledge from a very young age, where the environment raises people who aspire to become great men of knowledge. Under a Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] the view of becoming an alim [scholar] in Islam in one of the areas of Sharia [Islamic Law] whether is Tafseer [explanation of Quran] or otherwise, this is considered one of the greatest aspirations that a Muslim can achieve because of the reward in the Day of Resurrection for helping protect the Ummah [Muslim nation] understanding of the deen [faith] and understanding the texts of the Quran for it to be applied in everyday life, is one of the greatest things that a Muslim can try to do in his life.
  • Number six – To unite our borders and to uproot the causes of racism. And this is an interesting one. The problem is that the capitalist system of the world today only understands how to deal with racism by talking about giving black people more attention and giving white people more attention from. And the problem is all they do is exacerbate the problem, and this is actually founded in the existence of nation states. When you have people who are judged exclusively by where they’re born the problem is that this roots in people’s minds that your identity is defined by the land that you’re born in instead of what you have chosen as your personal actions, your personal decisions. And therefore what you don’t control is what defines you rather than what you do control. Under a Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] system there’s no such thing as nation states. People are only judged by the decisions that they make and the behavior that they do. The Muslim lands are divided according to the Sykes–Picot Agreement [1916 agreement between the United Kingdom and France on mutually agreed spheres of influence and control in Southwestern Asia] according to the colonial interests. They don’t want Muslims to have large united piece of land, and we know that the Muslims are united today when we’re joined in our gatherings, when you go to pray Salat [prayer] and we don’t see the borders between us. And so the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] unites people based on a human bond, unites people based on their humanity and on their choices as human beings rather than something arbitrary such as where you were born which is completely out of your control.
  • Number seven – Truly nurturing talent. The messenger of Allah [Mohammad], peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, said: Whatever you were created to do Allah made it easy for you. And this indicates Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, has designed each of us to do a particular task, which is essentially talent. Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, has shown us that under the Islamic system the system promotes people’s focus on trying to find out what their talents are, what they’re good at and removes obstacles between them and achieving that. So that people don’t just focus on trying to get a job in whatever field pays enough or whatever has high status. Today we have lots of mediocre doctors and lots of mediocre engineers, because everybody wants these status sort of jobs that earn a lot of money, but a Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] system, people’s talent is the centre of the education system, and the focal point of people’s aspirations, because at the end of the day what we’re trying to do is please Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, and do what is best for society. The Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] will be responsible for moving financial obstacles so that people can focus on doing what is best for society based on what they’re most talented at.
  • Number eight – To protect the weak. One of the problems with the current situation around the world is that political interests almost entirely dominate all military activity and political sanctions. It’s almost has nothing to do with the well-being of the people of a particular land whether the Palestinians or the people of Kashmir or the people of North Korea or anywhere else where people are being oppressed. The problem is that the interests of the capitalists are what dictate where they go. What happened after 9/11, Iraq had nothing to do with it, yet they went there, and they bombed Iraq back to the stone ages. And so the problem is that we have to recognize that this is due to the corrupt capitalist system, the corrupt politicians who only go and bomb countries because there’s oil there or because the ruler is not obeying their orders. Under the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] system the foreign policy of the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] is specifically dedicated to helping weak people and spreading the message of Islam, and therefore the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] will make political and military decisions that will even affect the Khilafa’s [Caliphate or Islamic State] own bottom line. It will be an economic loss for the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State]. Lives will be lost in order for them to go to a particular land and help the people who need help against a tyrant regime.
  • Number nine – to show the world the true justice of Islam. Muslims all around the world today are trying so hard to prove for the world that Islam is not an unjust system, that Muslims are not violent people, that Muslims are just in terms of their political leadership. But the reality is that nothing is going to really convince the world of the true justice of Islam except people seeing it with their own two eyes. Without the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] we will never be able to show the world the justice of the application of Islam, what it means to have a just political leadership that represents the well-being of the people. So when the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] is reestablished it will, as the Prophet [Mohammad], peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, promised, will be a rightly guided Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] on the path of prophethood.
  • Number ten – Pleasing Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He. We tend to forget that we are living during a time where we have one of the greatest opportunity to earn an immense amount of reward. In previous times when the message of Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, would be restored it would be done with a prophet, but we have the opportunity to call to Islam and to work to reestablish the Khilafa [Caliphate or Islamic State] through our own efforts with the help of Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, but without a prophet. The Prophet [Mohammad], peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, called the people who undertook such work, he called them ‘his beloved’. He mentioned in one narration that they will be among the best people of Iman [faith] among the people of Iman [faith] on the Day of Judgment. He mentioned that they will have the reward of the equivalent of fifty of the Sahaba [Mohammad’s companions] and many other narrations that speak very very holy about the Muslims who pick up the deen [religion of Islam] when people have abandoned them and restore the understanding and the full application of Islam.

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