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Said Rageah. Photo: Screenshot from YouTube Masno PR Media

Canadian Imam urges immigrants in Sweden to spread Islam in hosting country

Saeed Rageah (سعيد راجح) is the founder of Sakinah Community Center in Toronto and the mosques Masjid Huda in Montreal, Canada, and Masjid Aya in Maryland, USA. “Saeed was born in Somalia, raised in Saudi Arabia and in the late 80s found his way to North America.”

He is the Chairman for the Journey of Faith Conference and serves as an instructor for the AlMaghrib Institute. Rageah’s past positions also included a Chaplain at both the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and an Imam at the Abu Hurairah Mosque in Toronto,

In late 2015 Rageah visited Sweden and met with Muslim youths. Here are excerpts of Rageah’s speech (posted on YouTube on December 8, 2015):

Why do you think Allah brought you here? Why do you think Allah brought your parents and they brought you here? Do you think because there was a civil war back home and they had nowhere else to go, and now all of the sudden they came to Sweden to this small village that I cannot even pronounce its name? Do you think they came here accidentally? No. It was designed by Almighty Allah. It was designed so you perhaps can be born and raised here, so you can carry the message of Islam to your own community, to the Swedish community, because maybe your father when he is speaking Swedish he has an accent, maybe your mother when she is speaking she has an accent. Maybe they don’t understand the culture of the people. Perhaps Allah brought you here so you can adapt, understand, analyze, read and learn the culture of the people and then in return you come back and give them the light of Islam… Unfortunately a lot of young ladies and a lot of young boys, or young men, they think they were brought here so they can have fun, they can listen to music, they can shovel some snow that their father never have seen before, they can make a snow man in front of their houses, they can slide down the hill. This is not the reason. The reason that Allah brought you here is so you can can carry the message of Islam to the people. Why? Because each one of us, Almighty Allah [said] call to the way of your Lord (ادعوا الى سبيل ربك ). So your responsibility is to call people to Allah.

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