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Toronto District School Board

Canadian definition of Islamophobia: Fear or dislike of “Islamic politics or culture”

In October 2017 on the occasion of the Islamic Heritage Month, the Toronto District School Board issued  a “Resource Guidebook for Educators 2017.”

Here is an excerpts from from the guidebook:

P. 43

Islamophobia refers to fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture. Islamophobia is similar to other types of discrimination such as: anti-semitism, homophobia and racism. Discriminating against anyone based on an identifiable characteristic is contrary to both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and universal values of human rights and dignity.

Islamic Heritage Month Steering Committee:

  • Haniya Sheikh – Ward 12 Representative, Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC), Toronto District School Board
  • Qaiser Ahmad – Curriculum Leader – Guidance, Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute, Toronto District School Board
  • Nazerah Shaikh – Ward 12 Representative, Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC), Toronto District School Board
  • Jim Spyropoulos – Executive Superintendent, Engagement and Well-Being, Toronto District School Board


  • Farisa Rahman – Teacher, A.Y. Jackson S.S., Toronto District School Board
  • Kulsoom Anwer – Assistant Curriculum Leader, English and Literacy, Westview Centennial S.S., Toronto District School Board


  • Abdul Hai Patel – Trustee, Ward 21, Toronto District School Board
  • Gerri Gershon – Trustee, Ward 13, Toronto District School Board
  • Amira Elghawaby – Communications Director, National Council of Canadian Muslims
  • Vidya Shah – Professor, York University

A Special Thanks:

“Thank you to all of the parents, educators, and community members who provided advice, contributed, or reviewed the IHM resources over the past year, especially the following (in alphabetical order): Ahmad Talal Ahdab, Aneesa Patel, Bilqees Quick, Farheen Syed, Jeewan Chanicka, Karen Rojan, Madiha Bhatti, Rizwana Akram, Rownak Chowdhury, Tazeen Alam, Tina Khan, and Unaiza Karim.”

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