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Bilal Philips. Photo: Screen shot from YouTube Digital Mimbar

Canada Revenue Agency: Canadian imam “appears to defend pedophilia”

The charitable status of Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque was recently revoked by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) “following audits that raised concerns about its roster of guest speakers” and “activities that promote hate and intolerance,” Global News reported on August 9, 2018.

According to the report, the CRA Charities Branch wrote in a letter sent to the mosque’s president: “many of the views expressed by the organization’s speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and/or promote violence.”

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, Canadian Muslim prominent scholar and imam, was mentioned in CRA’s document. Here is an excerpt dealing with early marriage:

In his textbook, entitled Contemporary Issues, available on his Web site, Mr. Philips appears to defend pedophilia, saying that Mohammad’s marriage to nine-year old Aisha, while violating current laws, was entirely acceptable according to Islam:

‘The Prophet Muhammad practically outlined the rules regarding marriage prior to puberty. With his practice he clarified what is permissible and that is why we shouldn’t have any issues about an older man marrying a younger woman, which is looked down upon by this society today, but we know that Prophet Muhammad practised it, it wasn’t abuse or exploitation, it was marriage.’

The following are excerpts from Bilal Philips’ book “Contemporary Issues” that is available online:


The Prophet (PBUH) has been accused of being a pedophile due his marriage to Aa’ishah at the age of 9…

3. Islam sets the age of marriage at puberty, as it is the natural dividing line between childhood and adulthood. Menstruation indicates that a young girl has reached childbearing age. This age may vary from country to country, but it is discernible and not arbitrary…

5. Islam stipulates that a girl or boy married before puberty will not live with their spouse until they have attained puberty. Furthermore, they have the right to cancel or proceed with the marriage when they reach puberty.

6. Aa’ishah was seven when she was married off to the Prophet (PBUH) and she came to live with him when she reached puberty at nine

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