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Prime Minister Trudeau meets Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal, the son of newly arrived Syrian refugees, during a pancake breakfast in Calgary. PMO Photo by Adam Scotti

“Calgary Muslims” slam Trudeau, suggest Islamic self-reliance

On March 25, 2019 the Facebook group Calgary Muslims shared an article titled “Public school teachers, principals to be banned from wearing religious symbols” accompanied with the following statement:

We can’t rely on Justin Trudeau or the Liberals to protect us forever. The reality is, we are a racialized minority and the majority and [sic] may very likely elect an anti-Muslim conservative governnent [sic] soon.

We “could” run to politicians who help us here temporarily while they support the Israeli regime, tyrants, and tyrannical policies domestically.

Or we COULD run to Allah subhana wa t’ala [the most glorified, the most high], and assemble a coalition of unified Muslims. When we’re unified, our voice will be louder, we’ll be braver, and we’ll have more financial resources to build our own schools. This should be part of our next steps, not solely relying on flimsy politicians.

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Rachel Ehrenfeld
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