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Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions

Book promoted by Islamic group in Toronto on slave girls, legal concubines

The book, “Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions” authored by Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha, was distributed for free at the Islamic booth at Dundas Square in Toronto.The sticker attached to the cover of the book reads:

Walk-In Islmaic InfoCenter
2535-1 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON M5G 1Z3, Canada
[Phone] (647) 994-6807 & (647) 78-2303
[Email] info@collectfreequran.org
[Facebook] WalkInIslamicInfoCenter
Learn Islam in 85 + languages: www.collectfreequran.org

Here are excerpts from the book:

Slavery, according to Islamic teachings, is limited to physical slavery only and there are no forced conversions to the way of the master. A slave has the right to maintain his own faithtwo exceptions as legitimate sources of slaves

(1) War captives, or prisoners of lawfully declared wars by a Muslim ruler

(2) An inherited slave born from two slave parents. Such a child is considered a slave as well. However, if the master of a slave girl took her as legal concubine, the product of this relation is a free child who is also attached in lineage to his free father. In such case, the slave-girl is called “a mother of a child” who cannot be sold and cannot be given as a gift and must be freed upon the death of her master…

In brief, we can say that Islam did not legalize and encourage slavery but rather established laws and regulations that contributed significantly and effectively to help restrict the sources of slavery and liberate slaves once and for all…

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