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Man and woman stoned to death by ISIS. Photo: ISIS

Book at Montreal mosque on stoning adulterers, executing apostates, amputating thieves’ limbs

Founded in April 1993 as a charitable society, AlSunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque is located at 7220 Rue Hutchison, Montréal, Quebec.

Its old website offered an online library with free access to books, articles and lectures (audio and video), including the book “Aqeedah Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah” (The Tenets of Faith, Creed of Ahl al-sunnah wal-Jamaah), written by Saudi Salafi Wahabi Imam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen.

Here are excerpts from the book (p. 47 and 67 in its English version):

We hold that whoever claims that there is, besides Islam, a religion in existence today that is acceptable to Allah – whether it be the religion of the Jews, Christians or others – is an unbeliever (kaafir). His repentance should be sought; if he refuses to repent, he is to be killed as an apostate (murtad) because of rejecting the Quran.

Cutting-off the thief’s hand or stoning the adulterer is evil from the perspective of the thief or the adulterer, but it is good from the angle that it acts as an expiation for them; since they will not be punished in this world and then in the Hereafter as well. It is also good in that it acts as a protection for people’s property, honour and relationships.

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