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Falling Behind in the Cyber War*

Shutting down the background check system of the Office of Personnel Management employees will do little to prevent the abuse of millions of personal files of former, current and wannabe government workers that have already been stolen. But a shutdown was ordered anyway. Incredibly, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta described the shutdown as a “proactive, temporary suspension.” Proactive?  After millions of files were ...

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Weekly Review, June 15-20, 2015

Left: Learning a trade … former “militants” study electronics at the Swat valley centre. Photograph: Mian Kursheed/Reuters  The Folly of Islamic de-Radicalization – Rachel Ehrenfeld – Establishing de-radicalization centers to fight the jihadist plague, either in Muslim countries or in the West is a futile endeavor. They cannot erase centuries of indoctrination by religious authorities in Arab and Muslim countries. The preaching of hatred of all others ...

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