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Daniel Haqiqatjou. Photo: screenshot YouTube/The Thinking Muslim

American Muslim scholar: “Zionists control every level of US government”

Born in Houston, Texas, Daniel Haqiqatjou is a scholar of Islam. He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy.

Here is Daniel Haqiqatjou’s Facebook posting on February 12, 2019 referring to Minnesota Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s apology over “antisemitic” statement: (archive)

Well, that didn’t take long. Ilhan Omar lays herself before the mercy of the Zionists. She bows her head humbly in meek deference to her Zionist masters, whom she had annoyed with her childish antics. Fun time is over.

What did Ilhan do to deserve this disciplining? She committed the arch crime of pointing out the most obvious thing about American politics: That the Israeli Lobby dishes out a ton of cash. Acknowledging this simple fact is anti-Semitic, guys. Pointing out the most obvious, indisputable fact — namely, that Zionists control every level of US government — means you hate Jews as much as Hitler did. Never forget that. Ilhan Omar sure won’t.

Ilhan also blasphemed when she suggested that Zionist-backed congressmen were, in certain instances, prioritizing Israeli over American interests. But now Ilhan knows that this accusation amounts to nothing less than a Jew-hating lie, never to be repeated again. Even if the first bill to come out of the US Senate this term was a pro-Israel, anti-BDS bill, rather than, say, a bill addressing the countless problems the average American faces — still, one cannot spread this monstrous lie that politicians getting millions of dollars from Zionists every year are more loyal to Zionist interests than the interests of their poor, non-lobbying, non-million-dollar-contributing American constituents. Perish the thought!

As an American Muslim, it warms the cockles of my heart knowing that Ilhan represents me.

One week, she is dancing and partying with cross dressers and demanding that trannies be allowed to compete against women in power lifting competitions. The next week, she is begging Zionists for mercy in a humiliating display of self-flagellation. Girl power!

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