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Rashida Tlaib. Photo: Facebook Rashida Tlaib

American Muslim scholar: Rashida Tlaib made “blasphemous statements about Allah”

Born in Houston, Texas, Daniel Haqiqatjou is a scholar of Islam. He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy.

In an article on “The Muslim Skeptic” titled “Hamza Yusuf vs. Omar Suleiman: The Perils of American Muslim Politics”, Daniel Haqiqatjou wrote (July 22, 2019):

“Among the most alarming things has been how some organizations like CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] have been forcing blaspheming, fahisha-promoting politicians like Ilhan [Omar, Muslim Congresswoman] “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar and Rashida [Tlaib, Muslim Congresswoman] “My Allah Is a She” Tlaib onto the wider community and demanding that Muslims support these two unrepentant LGBT-pride-marching Islamophobes financially and through the ballot box, essentially making them out to be heroes — or “sheroes” — for the Umma [Muslim nation]… If that weren’t bad enough, Rashida will also be there on stage, hopefully not speaking about her kufr [disbelief] ideas… In her short time in office, Rashida Tlaib has made no secret about how little she cares for Islamic values, with her shocking blasphemous statements about Allah as well as the Prophet, peace be upon him.”

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