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Karim AbuZaid. Photo: Karim AbuZaid YouTube Channel

American imam to speak in Toronto: Muslims will fight/kill Jews

Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Ontario will host its annual Winter Conference on December 24-25, 2018.

“This year’s conference will deal about Ailment and Cure, a book written by Imam Ibn Qayyeim [Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya – a medieval Islamic jurisconsult, theologian, and spiritual writer] Rahimahu Allah [Allah have mercy upon him]. Its a two days event, our speaker[s] will explan [sic] the book in details,” the official statement reads. The speakers at the event are:

Dr. Aly Hindy (علي الهندي) – the Imam of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre.

Sheikh Ibrahim Hindy (ابراهيم علي الهندي) – the Imam of Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre in Mississauga, ON.

Dr. Ali AlBarghouthi (علي البرغوثي) – a teacher and khateeb [Imam, preacher] at ISNA Canada, and instructor and khateeb [Imam, preacher] at Khalid ibn al-Waleed Mosque in Etobicoke, ON.

Sheikh Karim Abu Zaid (كريم ابو زيد) – the director of religious affairs at Al-Minhaal Academy in South Jersey and and the Imam of Colorado Muslims Community Center (Dar Al-Tawheed) in Aurora, Colorado.

Tawfeeq As-Sayegh (توفيق الصايغ) – Saudi Eritrea-born Imam based in Bahrain (“visa pending”). Following ACD’s article that exposed anti Jewish statements made by Tawfeeq As-Sayegh, CIJA reported on December 20, 2018 that Tawfeeq As-Sayegh will not attend the conference. However, Salaheddin Islamic Centre has not issued any statement on it Facebook page and Tawfeeq As-Sayegh’s name and picture are still featured on the poster of the event.

Imam Karim AbuZaid is the Imam of the Colorado Muslims Community Center (Dar Al-Tawheed) in Aurora, Colorado.

Imam Karim AbuZaid has a PhD in Islamic Studies from the American Open University in Cairo, Egypt. He founded Tafseer Al-Qur’an Institute (TAQI), a full-time Hifz, Arabic and Islamic Studies Program with branches in Lanham, Maryland, Sharkia, Egypt and Aurora, Colorado. AbuZaid is the producer and lead presenter for workshops aimed at strengthening the understanding of Islam as a faith. Karim AbuZaid served as an instructor at AlKauthar Institute in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Here are excerpts from Karim AbuZaid’s sermons/ lectures in 2017:

Place: The Islamic Society of Augusta, Georgia

Publication Date on YouTube: December 9, 2017

Title: “Jerusalem: Allah’s gift to His Slaves


Karim AbuZaid: “Unfortunately, this [Muslim control over Jerusalem] lasted for a little bit, then it’s taken away from us through a promise that was given to the Jewish people by [Britain’s] prime minister called [Arthur] Balfour… [Arthur] Balfour is a human being who gave a promise [a public statement issued by the British government during World War I announcing support for the establishment of a ‘national home for the Jewish people’]. [Donald] Trump is a human being who made a promise [recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel]. We have a promise from Allah. We have a promise from Allah that this land [Palestine] will come back to the [Muslim] believers to the Muslims, to salves (ibad) of Allah, to the slaves of Allah. It is certain. I swear by Allah, [wallahi] it is certain and they believe in it. I swear by Allah, [wallahi], they know it is going to happen. I swear by Allah, [wallahi], I have no doubt it is going to happen. And if you doubt this then you have to go back and check your belief in the oneness of Allah [tawheed], your belief system, your faith [aqidah]. You have to check that. Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He [subhanahu wa taala], you know like Joshua called upon the sun. He said to the sun: Stay still. You know that we believe that the rock, the rock will call upon the believer, but look how it will call him: Ya Abdallah, Oh slave of Allah, come! Behind me is an enemy of Allah. The rock will help you to do this.”

Note: Karim AbuZaid quoted a segment of the following hadith: “Abu Huraira reported Allahs Messenger as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: “Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

In a lecture on “The Dajjal Antichrist” published on Sep 23, 2016, Sheikh Ahmad Ali (UK) explained the hadith: “The Muslims will conquer the Jews. The Jews will begin to run and hide behind trees and stones. But these trees and stones will speak on that day, and these trees and stones will say, Oh servant of Allah! Oh Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me. The tree will say, Oh Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him. And this is how Muslims will conquer the Jews.”

The same hadith accompanied with modern commentary appears also in an online book (Riyadh as-Salihin – The Gardens of the Righteous – by Al-Nawawi) on the website of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Canada:

“[Hadith] 1820. Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah(PBUH) said, “The Last Hour will not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews, until a Jew will hide himself behind a stone or a tree, and the stone or the tree will say: `O Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him,’ but Al-Gharqad tree will not say so, for it is the tree of the Jews.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].”

“Commentary: Gharqad is a thorny plant which is well-known in the area of Palestine. Allah can bestow the power of speech to whatever thing He likes. When Allah wills, He will give mastery to the Muslims. He will help them even by means of plants and stones which will assist the Muslims against the Jews by informing them about the whereabouts of the Jews. The Jews have predominance over the Muslims in spite of the fact that they are a minority. But according to this true narration, the situation will definitely change before the Day of Resurrection, and the Muslims will dominate the Jews. Allah is the Master and Rubb of everything.”

Referring to a lecture recited in Montreal mosque that contained the same hadith about Muslims killing Jews, the president of the Muslim Council of Montreal, Salam Elmenyawi, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC): “I do not understand how this person [Sheikh Muhammad Bin Musa Aal Nasr] was invited to come and give a sermon and spread this hatred in Montreal against any communityto use the themes of the Prophet to spread hatred is actually something that is disrespectful towards the Prophet himselfthese people, not only do they show hatred towards non-Muslims, they even show hatred to us Muslims.”

Place: Masjid Abu Bakr – Denver Colorado

Publication Date on YouTube: July 21, 2017

Title: “The Road To Al-Aqsa’s Freedom

Karim AbuZaid: “[originally in English] At this time, my brothers, the battle will start, look at this, the rock will talk to the believer… the rock will talk to the [Muslim] believer: Come behind me there is a disbeliever. The rock. Earth. Earth will support the believers… [originally in Arabic] [O Allah], establish our feet firmly and give us victory over (support to overcome) the disbelieving people… O Allah, grant victory To Islam and honour the Muslims, and humiliate the polytheism and polytheists and defeat the enemies of the religion [of Islam] O Lord of the worlds. O Allah, make this Ummah [Muslim nation] follow the rightly guided way, in which the obedient people [beliver] are honoured and the hypocrites and the infidels [disbelievers] will be humiliated and the sinners will be exterminated…”

Place: Prince George’s Muslim Association, Maryland

Publication Date on YouTube: December 15, 2017

Title: “Jerusalem: The Promised Land

“For you to qualify to get a rock and a tree to call on you to come to help the cause of Allah, remember what the rock said… ‘come the slave of Allah’. That’s the question that we should ask ourselves. Are we slaves of Allah? Are we? Start with yourself if you want to help Jerusalem, if you want to help the cause of Allah. Start with yourself, go back to become a slave of Allah.”

Ibrahim Hindy, the Imam of Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, is also a speaker at Salaheddin Islamic Centre that is run by his father Aly Hindy.

Here are excerpts from Hindy’s prayers in recent years:

O Allah, raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims.

Raise with your grace the word of truth and religion [of Islam].

O Allah, give victory (help) to the mujahideen [Muslims who practice jihad] in Your path everywhere.

O Allah, unify their rows and consolidate their word and give them victory (help) over Your enemy and their enemies.

O Allah, break free the shackles of our prisoners and Muslim prisoners and return them safe and sound to their families.

For more information about Ibrahim Hindy click here.

On December 13, 2016, Ibrahim Hindy posted (and later deleted the post) on his Facebook account the following:

“Join me tonight at Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre after Isha prayers at 7PM. Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad, a well-known scholar from Egypt, will be speaking. I don’t know what the topic will be, as his arrival was made known to us last minute, but I’m sure that he will touch upon the recent tragedies in Aleppo.”

Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre invited the pubic to Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad’s speech at the Centre on December 13, 2016 describing him as “one of the most renowned scholars from Egypt.” Ali Hindy, the imam of Salaheddin Islmic Centre (Ibrahim Hindy’s father) shared this invitation on Facebook.

Another statement bt Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre read:

Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad – Renowned Scholar from Egypt; – Student of Shaykh AbdulHameed Kishk, Shaykh Hassan Ayub and many others; Graduate from Al-Azhar in Usool al-Deen and from ‘Ain Shams in Qira’at. MA from American Open University in Islamic Studies. Current PHD candidate; Tazkiya from renowned scholars such as Muhammad Abdel-Maqsood and Muhammad Ismail al-Muqaddam.

According to Al Jazeera Center for Studies, Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad is affiliated with the Egyptian Salafi movement which was subjected to security restrictions and even arrest and trial in various cases related to fatwas, or Islamic edicts, urging the support of Mujahideen (Muslims who engage in jihad) in Palestine and justifying the 9/11 attacks.

The following are excerpts from Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad‘s sermons in Egypt (originally in Arabic):

January 6, 2016: “O Allah, destroy the Jews and whom they ally with… count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.”

January 2, 2016: “[O Allah] give victory to our brother in Greater Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Burma, Mali, Yemen and other Muslim countries… O Allah, take revenge of the enemies of Your religion. O Allah, destroy the Jews and all others who support them in countries around the world… O Allah, destroy the Russians, Hindus, Shiites Communists, destroy all those who attacked the Muslims. O Lord, count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. O Allah, purify the Muslims lands from their filth and squalor, O Allah liberate the imprisoned Al-Aqsa [mosque].”

October 5, 2016: “[O Allah] Destroy the Russians and purify the Muslim lands from their filth. O Lord, destroy all aggressors, including the Shiites, Bashr [Assad], Alawites and others. O Allah, destroy the the aggressors who are the Jews and those who support them… O Allah, they corrupted your land and You do not like the corruption… O Allah, purify the Muslim land from their filth and squalor. O Allah, purify imprisoned al-Aqsa [mosque] from their hands [of the Jews]. O Allah, restore the Caliphate [Islamic State] for the Muslims.”

April 6, 2016: “O Allah don’t give the infidel or the oppressor a way to overcome us… Destroy the Jews, the Christians, the Americans, the Europeans, the Shiites, the Communists, the Russians, the Hindus, the traitors, the oppressors and the criminals.”

October 26, 2016: “O Allah, return the Muslims countries to the Muslims and purify [the Muslim lands] from the filth of the infidels and the polytheists [also identified by Muslim scholars as Christians].”

Later Ibrahim Hindy stated: “I heard about his [Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad] arrival very last minute and I’m not sure what type of vetting one could expect from me.” In a radio interview he said: “It did happen once. There was a request. Somebody came in to say, there’s a speaker, he’s from another country and he’s got these impressive credentials and can he come speak and, like I said, I’m one employee and I don’t have time to, like, check all his lectures, and actually that day my daughter was really sick and I took her to SickKids Hospital, she were there for a few weeks, and I didn’t even, I wasn’t even there. I didn’t meet this guy. Apparently, you know, he came, he gave a speech and, you know, he didn’t say anything really wrong in it, but then I found out later and I was embarrassed later that in other countries yet [Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad] said things that really were anti-Semitic, not only anti-Semitic, a couple other things he [Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad] said that were kind of hateful towards other countries and I had no idea, right, so I mean I felt embarrassed. I reach out to the Jewish community right after that cause I felt, I felt really bad about that, and you know it’s challenging, but we have to do better.”

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