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GPS Vulnerability: Options and Alternatives

Abstract The Global Positioning System (GPS) was declared operational on December 8, 1993. Since that time the system and the receivers that use it have been improved to a level of performance unimagined by its creators. Also, the system has been integrated into the daily life of societies all around the world. It is, generally, agreed that a disruption of ...

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eLoran and GPS

Foreward: “On May 22, 2015, the US Department of Homeland Security agreed with the Exelis and UrsaNav Corporations to put an eLoran signal (a terrestrial system) on the air for testing and demonstration.“ The vigorous advocacy of the Washington-based Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation, helped this along. The RNTP should also be credited with the introduction of the bipartisan National Positioning, Navigation, and ...

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