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Political Islam

Australia – NSW anti-Israel Muslim Lobby Thanks judiciary for its “continued support”

By Ganesh Sahathevan at SahatevanBlogPost on February 9, 2019 — Anti-Israel Muslim lobby group thanks judiciary for its “continued support”-Perception of bias to be expected.; judiciary has lent itself to the group’s campaign against Israel, enforcement of terrorism laws. The following is publicity from the Muslim Legal Network: Last night we welcomed the legal fraternity to the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque for ...

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Mohamad Fakih – Trudeau’s Most Valuable Political Asset

Mohamad Abdallah Fakih (محمد عبدالله فقيه) is the founder and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, a Middle Eastern Food chain of restaurants operating in Canada, USA (Florida, New York), UK (London – Paddington, Brixton and Gloucester), Lebanon (Beirut), Pakistan (Karachi) and Ivory Coast (Abidjan). Please follow and like us:

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“Political Islam” and “Extremist” Terrorism

Seventeen years since al Qaeda terrorists used passenger airplanes to attack New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon, Western-style liberal democracies are failing to recognize the radical Islamist threat. While, as former President Obama reminds us, “we took out [Osama] bin Laden,” neither he, nor most Western leaders have taken measures to identify the ideological underpinning that fuel radical Islamists the world ...

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Countering Political Islam’s Economic Warfare

To survive the fast-spreading cancerous metastases of the Political Islamic movement, liberal democracies must adopt a wide range of immunotherapeutic methods to inoculate their national cultural, political, and economic systems to withstand aggressive assaults on freedom. Please follow and like us:

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What are Praying Muslims Repeating 17 Times daily?

The Muslim prayer (also known as salah, salat or namaz) is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and obligatory religious duty to every Muslims who reached the age of puberty. The purpose of the prayer is to demonstrate a total submission to Allah and a commitment to follow in his path unconditionally. At the start of each unit of ...

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